Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Fragile Heart

Hi  everyone,

I  want  you all to know I have missed each  and  every  one  of you. I apologize for my break in blogging. 

See, my dear friend lost her young daughter suddenly and tragically  after a traumatic accident at work. She was very young and a full time student who worked 2 part time jobs in order to make ends meet. She was and is someone to be very proud of. I've had a hard time in wanting to go shopping  a lot and celebrating  saving money on  shopping  trips when my  dear   friend  lost  one  of  her  very  reasons  for  living.  It's  hard to do a woo-hoo  or  cha-ching  when you hold your friends  hand while her daughter  is clinging to dear life on life support. It just doesn't  fit.

Don't  worry   though  I will be back this weekend with a few shopping  trips  I have  this week  and   the   beginning  of  my  new  stockpile

I  can't  wait  to  see  you  all!

Hugs and  Kisses

The  Cute  Couponer

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