Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Homemade Nachos

"I want nachos" is perhaps one of the things I hear most in my house every weekend. The little turkeys can't get enough of them.

Mommy likes to keep it simple.

First take your baking sheet line it with foil and then turn your oven to the broiler setting.

Take your favorite tortilla chips and line the cookie sheet up with them.

Forget the expensive shredded cheese, grab a block of cheddar cheese and the cheese grater you haven't used but once when you first bought it and start shredding away.

Once the oven is warmed stick the nachos in on the bottom rack for around 3-5 minutes depending on your oven. Just keep an eye on them.

Now if their not salty enough spread just a bit of Celtic Sea Salt on them and start piling on the toppings.

I don't like to load my nachos with lots of heavy things in the summer. 

Simple, crunchy, cheesy, and full of flavor is my thing.

In this house the munchkins love sour cream, salsa,and those little pickled peppers.

Serve them up on a bright and colorful platter and voila an affordable 10 minute dinner.


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