Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.

Come join me at my other blog, Cottage Making Mommy

See You Soon,


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Just stopping in to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Yes, I'm Black Friday shopping but won't make my list until Tomorrow night.

Hope your day is extra special.

The Cute Couponer

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Homemade Nachos

"I want nachos" is perhaps one of the things I hear most in my house every weekend. The little turkeys can't get enough of them.

Mommy likes to keep it simple.

First take your baking sheet line it with foil and then turn your oven to the broiler setting.

Take your favorite tortilla chips and line the cookie sheet up with them.

Forget the expensive shredded cheese, grab a block of cheddar cheese and the cheese grater you haven't used but once when you first bought it and start shredding away.

Once the oven is warmed stick the nachos in on the bottom rack for around 3-5 minutes depending on your oven. Just keep an eye on them.

Now if their not salty enough spread just a bit of Celtic Sea Salt on them and start piling on the toppings.

I don't like to load my nachos with lots of heavy things in the summer. 

Simple, crunchy, cheesy, and full of flavor is my thing.

In this house the munchkins love sour cream, salsa,and those little pickled peppers.

Serve them up on a bright and colorful platter and voila an affordable 10 minute dinner.


The Cute Couponer

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Summer at the Zoo

Whenever you have a football team to entertain and feed everyday you sometimes have to really tighten your belt to come up with the extras.

A local furniture store is offering a great special for families in the greater OKC area.

Zoo passes can be bought with a $30 discount.

We had to buy the $85.00 special and we got a free gift. A simple wooden train.

The part they don't announce to the public is that you also get a $30.00 gift card to the Zoo gift shop.

In other words $55.00 for a one year Zoo pass.

Not bad for 9 people.

The kids love the little cups in the gift shop that look like animals.

I have the feeling that's where that $30.00 will be spent.

The nice part is that they talk about it non stop.

So it's a learning experience.

Hope Your Summer Planning is Going Well,

The Cute Couponer

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Thinking of loved ones past and present who've lost their lives. Also thinking of those heroes who are sacrificing their lives for us.

Thank You to all who serve. May God Bless you and yours.

The Cute Couponer

P.S. Check out the Memorial Day sales

It's a great time to stock up on condiments and hot dogs.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello Again

Hi Ya'll,

Sorry for the long break but I'm a new mommy and loving it. With that being said being a new mommy to 4 means that saving money and stretching a dollar  is more important than ever. I have all boys. Yep. We're a fam of 6 and it's expensive to feed a crowd. 

With the whole moving thing I really haven't focused on couponing that much in the last few months but my binder is ready to be refilled.

Have you seen the price of groceries lately?

It runs about $200.00 a week to feed this crowd and this mommy is sick of paying that. So much wasted money down the drain that could be spent on better things.

So The Cute Couponer is back and ready to save some serious dough.

We're taking gardening to a new level too. These babies  need lots of  fresh fruits and veggies.

I started printing my coupons last night.

Oh coupons how I've missed you.

Happy Spring,

The Cute Couponer

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Knock, Knock

This keyboard is super dusty.

Anybody out there, hello?

Well I've been MIA for a very important reason, I'm officially a mom to 4 boys. I have a 1,2, and two 4 years olds. 

It's super exciting.

I'll be back to couponing next week. I haven't picked one up in weeks since 4 of the cutest lil munchkins have been keeping me busy.

See ya soon,

The Cute Couponer

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Clearance Part 1 of a ton

Happy New Year, long time no see. I've been tied up for awhile, my grandmother is very ill and not expected to live long and I'd like to spend all available time I have with her. I did manage to get quite a bit of after Christmas shopping done though. It's amazing what you can accomplish on 15-30 minute breaks when you are determined. In the photo above I snagged the sheet sets for $7.00 a piece, killer deal!!!!  I've needed my own bundt cake pan for awhile and Paula Deen had one out for Christmas that on clearance I snagged for  $5.00, lots of cake to come!!!!

The glass jars were a great deal at $1 a piece and boy do I have plans for them.

I also managed to make a quick run to Target and got $2.00 canisters of doggie treats, the dogs are gonna love me for those, $2.50 snack packs of pretzels, and $5.00 packages of nuts.

This is just the beginning!!!!

I'm frantically trying to find a place for it all.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frugal is Fabulous ------ Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Boy it's gonna be a good one I feel it in my bones.

It started off with me having a 3 day weekend. Anytime the New Year starts with me getting rest I know it's going to be an awesome year.

Well what better way to get off to a good start to a New Year than to talk about saving money.

Now before you start grumbling remember saving money is fun!!!

Frugal is Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's our them for 2012

Everything about saving money should be fun. Think of this year as a great challenging game. If you like crossword puzzles and word searches and all the board games than frugality is for you.

It's a challenge but we're making it sooooo fun, fun, fun.

We're gonna coupon shop, thrift shop, garage sale, online shop, craigslist shop, do curbside pick up, and hit all the major malls and boutique stores not to mention wholesale shop.

It's shoppers gone crazy here.

The best part is we're going to pay a fraction of what everyone else is paying.

My kind of shopping.

We're going to talk about saving money on absolutely EVERYTHING.

From home to work to church and everything in between if your not living it frugally than your not living up to your potential money wise.

So check in daily and see what the 75% off lifestyle is all about.

Here frugal is fabulous!!!!

Happy  2012 and welcome.

 Happy Savings,

The Cute  Couponer
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