Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frugal is Fabulous ------ Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Boy it's gonna be a good one I feel it in my bones.

It started off with me having a 3 day weekend. Anytime the New Year starts with me getting rest I know it's going to be an awesome year.

Well what better way to get off to a good start to a New Year than to talk about saving money.

Now before you start grumbling remember saving money is fun!!!

Frugal is Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's our them for 2012

Everything about saving money should be fun. Think of this year as a great challenging game. If you like crossword puzzles and word searches and all the board games than frugality is for you.

It's a challenge but we're making it sooooo fun, fun, fun.

We're gonna coupon shop, thrift shop, garage sale, online shop, craigslist shop, do curbside pick up, and hit all the major malls and boutique stores not to mention wholesale shop.

It's shoppers gone crazy here.

The best part is we're going to pay a fraction of what everyone else is paying.

My kind of shopping.

We're going to talk about saving money on absolutely EVERYTHING.

From home to work to church and everything in between if your not living it frugally than your not living up to your potential money wise.

So check in daily and see what the 75% off lifestyle is all about.

Here frugal is fabulous!!!!

Happy  2012 and welcome.

 Happy Savings,

The Cute  Couponer

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