Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Born To Shop

My mechanic told me yesterday he is going to change out the tag on the front of my car to say "born to shop" vs "love to sing." Now you might ask why does my mechanic know I shop alot? Well I don't know. Beats me! Apparently everybody has heard. I do love to shop ALOT but there is just one problem... there is no shopping to be done. That's right! No shopping. I was thinking that once again we would have a great week but man this man totally blows with shopping. It doesn't help that my internet is still not hooked up, don't ask, and I have to come over to my mom's to post on my blog but people the stores have nada going on. So since we can't shop we are so going to have to talk about more fun things like decorating.

Today and tomorrow I will be at mom's helping her get her house all decked out for Fall. I have great plans. First, I have to get the lawn back in shape with grass seed thanks to our Summer drought and then we will talk via photo later in the week.

I will see you in a couple days.

Happy Decorating,

The Cute Couponer

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Why They Call It Falling"

My mom happens to live in one of the prettiest places in America during the Fall Season. Old houses with pretty porch swings, towering oak trees, and white picket fences. Last year we had over 120 trick or treaters. I plan on spending my day tomorrow cleaning the house and starting my Fall decor for the upcoming weekend with my dear friend Carrie. I am so excited!

I don't know what it is about Fall but it has quickly become my favorite season. I love Pumpkin Spice frappucino's, rose hips, pumpkins, and scarecrows.Maybe it's the homemade caramel corn and candy apples. It could possibly be my pumpkin spice bread, apple cider, or even roasted pumpkin seeds.

If there is a season where I have big plans it's Fall. Every year I take my munckins trick or treating. That's right doggie trick or treat. I will show you pictures this year just to prove it!

In the next few days I am hoping to load some pretty pictures of my Fall decor. As the trees change, look forward to the prettiest show of leaves you have ever seen. Maybe the people in Vermont can compete!

I hope each one of you has started to think about the upcoming season and share your thoughts. Do you have any Fall family traditions? Can't wait to hear.

Happy Fall,

The Cute Couponer

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time To Plan A Party

Well, is it Wednesday already? Sorry about yesterday's post not much to report. I hit the store for a few, and I mean just a few deals. I bought yogurt 4/$1 not great but OK. Cubes of ice-cream were .99cents (limit 2). I would have bought 10 or 20 if they had allowed but only 2. I bought carrots 2 packages for $1.00 and voila that is the extent of my shopping.  NOW EVERYONE CAN SEE WHY I AM BUYING 10 SETS OF COUPONS A WEEK!

The only killer deal I saw this week was those bags of lettuce for .50 cents a piece at Aldi so I am going to stock up on a few. Since the deals are slow and I need to put the finishing touches on my new place I decided that I need to throw a party. My dear best friend is coming in from Kansas this weekend and we have big plans. I will take lots of pictures. Hopefully she will bring lots of great luck with her so come Sunday we can go shopping for some killer deals. I am going to show her how this couponing thing rolls in person.

I finally got my new monitor for my computer, now if the cable company will just install me already I can upload all my pictures of the great recipes I have to share and of course the upcoming party pictures.

Hope You Have A Fantastic Week,

The Cute Couponer

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Moving

I am 100% sure that I am sick and tired of moving. Today I am finally going to hit the grocery store for a few things we can't go one more day without, like toilet paper. Tomorrow we will see if I can finally get a good deal on everything else when the grocery store fliers come out. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

As of today I am still without cable, there are still only 3 drip pans, and I am still waiting for them to come and fix my shower. The water only sprays out of 1/2 of the shower head and then comes out of the faucet. Very entertaining! Thank God I don't pay the water bill. :) !

My new neighbors totally rock and the dogs absolutely adore them. The newbies have to be the friendliest people I have ever met. We have spent many evenings sitting on the front porch laughing our heads off. One of them is a retired marine his stories are fantastic. Maybe I will ask him if I can share one or two.

I will let you all know how I do at the store tonight. I've never heard of clearance toilet paper but I would sure love to find some. That reminds me I need to order some coupons too.

Alrighty people have a fantastic evening and I will visit with you all tomorrow. I will pray that we get some killer deals soon.

Happy Shopping,

The Cute Couponer

Friday, September 17, 2010

Roll With It Baby

So all week long I have been thinking about what to write about. I can't write about recipes because the new oven doesn't work. Now the 3rd oven works but the drip pans don't fit. I can't write about couponing because there are no good sales this week, unless of course I want to stock up on Alive vitamins. I need everything people I have no food since the move! We are going to starve and I refuse to pay full price. I can't write about gardening because I haven't had time to plant. Bottom line people have you ever had a week where you work your hiney off and the end of the week rolls around and you say," what the heck did I get done all week?" That's me this week!. I am so ready to settle in on this temporary move so the permanent move will come faster. Don't worry I will share with you over the next few months the reason I opted for the temporary move. Now Sunday I am so hoping the sales improve so I can show you some serious deal making. In the meantime I have like 3 more boxes to unpack and a few more things in my kitchen to settle and I have to make a trip back to storage to find things like my can opener, cutting board, and silverware.

Now who would of thought that a girl would need silverware or her dust ruffle?

We will talk on Sunday and I will be back daily, I SWEAR, come then.

Have a Fabulous Weekend,

The Cute Couponer

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Haven't Forgotten You

Alrighty so we made it through the challenge. I think it's safe to say I lost a few pounds too. I saved a fortune and broke a nasty habit. I would say I saved around $400.00. The $400.00 came in very handy for my recent temporary move. I will only be where I am at for 6 months so that means I must restock my stockpile from scratch. I think it's safe to say I have like 10 things to eat in the house. The worst thing about moving besides the moving everything part is that my new oven and stove don't work. Brand spanking new too. I have been waiting a week for them to come and fix it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had to eat out a handful of times this week and it hasn't tasted worth a darn. I'm pretty sick of sandwiches and tv dinners too. Let's hope for some great sales this next week because there is nada going on this week.

I have plenty of recipes to share with you but bare with me for awhile because the cable and internet people can't install for 2 weeks. Is anyone else feeling my pain?

So please share everyone, how did the challenge work? Did you save money? Did you cheat? Are you going to keep doing it?

I can't wait to hear.

Happy Shopping,

The Cute Couponer
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