Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Born To Shop

My mechanic told me yesterday he is going to change out the tag on the front of my car to say "born to shop" vs "love to sing." Now you might ask why does my mechanic know I shop alot? Well I don't know. Beats me! Apparently everybody has heard. I do love to shop ALOT but there is just one problem... there is no shopping to be done. That's right! No shopping. I was thinking that once again we would have a great week but man this man totally blows with shopping. It doesn't help that my internet is still not hooked up, don't ask, and I have to come over to my mom's to post on my blog but people the stores have nada going on. So since we can't shop we are so going to have to talk about more fun things like decorating.

Today and tomorrow I will be at mom's helping her get her house all decked out for Fall. I have great plans. First, I have to get the lawn back in shape with grass seed thanks to our Summer drought and then we will talk via photo later in the week.

I will see you in a couple days.

Happy Decorating,

The Cute Couponer

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