Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time To Plan A Party

Well, is it Wednesday already? Sorry about yesterday's post not much to report. I hit the store for a few, and I mean just a few deals. I bought yogurt 4/$1 not great but OK. Cubes of ice-cream were .99cents (limit 2). I would have bought 10 or 20 if they had allowed but only 2. I bought carrots 2 packages for $1.00 and voila that is the extent of my shopping.  NOW EVERYONE CAN SEE WHY I AM BUYING 10 SETS OF COUPONS A WEEK!

The only killer deal I saw this week was those bags of lettuce for .50 cents a piece at Aldi so I am going to stock up on a few. Since the deals are slow and I need to put the finishing touches on my new place I decided that I need to throw a party. My dear best friend is coming in from Kansas this weekend and we have big plans. I will take lots of pictures. Hopefully she will bring lots of great luck with her so come Sunday we can go shopping for some killer deals. I am going to show her how this couponing thing rolls in person.

I finally got my new monitor for my computer, now if the cable company will just install me already I can upload all my pictures of the great recipes I have to share and of course the upcoming party pictures.

Hope You Have A Fantastic Week,

The Cute Couponer

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