Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming and it's coming soon!

I haven't forgotten all  that  I've  promised you,  it's just  there  have  been  just  a few teeny tiny stepping blocks along the way.

Mainly the stinkin  computer... it won't load the pictures. What's a blog without pictures?

I'm  trying to take  lots  and  lots  of  pictures  of  everything  I've promised and all the fun we've  been having and load them all at once on picture CD.

Sam's is  going to  load  over 200 pictures on  1 CD  for  me for one price of course. Shhh... it's only like $2 and some stinkin change. Now don't  go and tell everybody because we don't want the lines to be long. It doesn't even take them an hour. We are frugalistas after all!!! ALWAYS remember that!!!

My family doesn't just have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then it's over...no sir and mam.... we have the big family Christmas and then Christmas visits with our friends and neighbors and then parties and then New Year's Eve and then New Year's Day Brunch. 


Now I  have to get back to work and we will for sure talk later.

Happy Festivities,

The Cute Couponer 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"My Grown Up Christmas List"

The best sign that you really have grown up is knowing that this is your real Christmas List.

1. No More Lives Torn Apart

2. Wars Would Never Start

3. Time Would Heal All Hearts

4. Everyone Would Have A Friend

5. Right Would Always Win

6. Love Would Never End

This is my grown-up Christmas List this is my only  life-long wish.

Hope Your Enjoying The Holiday Season,

The Cute Couponer 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Everything is Special in December

What's Coming This Holiday Season

Mom's Christmas Open House

Doggie Christmas Fashion Show of 2010

Lots of Shopping Trips (even if they are last-minute)
Cookies and Christmas Treat Recipes
Apartment Decor at Christmastime
Christmas Light Show Tour

Designer Labels for a Dollar $

Simple and Spectacular Christmas Craft

Beverages of Christmas

Boutique Shopping at Christmas Time

Hope you enjoy a little hint on about all the special times to come this month.

I Can't Wait to Share,

The Cute Couponer

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Where Does The Time Go

First of all, Is it Thursday again already?

I've only made it shopping to two stores this week and the trips were just little mini ones.

If I can ever get this computer to consistently load pictures I guarantee you will like this blog so much better.

I think Santa needs to bring me a new computer for Christmas. Hint...hint...

I can't begin to tell you how much Christmas shopping I have left to do but I am holding out for some real deals.

Not sure what has gotten into me this year but I have truly become a cheap skate. Last night I hit Wally World....aka Wal-Mart and I only walked out with one tiny little thing.

Pitter Patter my heart ... but even I can wait for some better deals. 

In the meantime I have to bake and decorate up a storm. 

So many of you who know me personally always ask why I don't write more about my decorating and cooking projects and I want you to know I have decided that I want to. What do ya'll think about a couponing, decorating, cooking, and singing blog complete with blog pups? How's it sound?

See by using coupons I can free up other cash in order to have the moolaa to finance some of my other passions... like decorating, cooking, and singing.  For those of you who have performed you know those outfits ain't cheap. ( Sorry mom and grandma for using the word ain't but I am trying to make a point :)

If your going to do something don't they say.... GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!!!

Anyway toodaloo I need to start my photos. I have so much to do over the next three weeks. Let's all pray to the coupon gods together to see if they well send us some killer deals.

Have A Happy Day,

The Cute Couponer

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Super Saturday Shopping

I found this picture a few months ago. It's my Grandpa, his neighbor Lee, and me. My Grandpa has since passed away and I miss him terribly everyday, especially at this time of year. He used to play Santa on the Lake and I got to go along and play an elf and give stockings full of goodies to all the kiddos on the lake. His memory always helps me to remember, it's better to give than receive!

On to Super Saturday,

I went Super Saturday shopping at the mall and I came home with absolutely nothing. 

Now those of you who know me know this might come as quite a shock. 

There doesn't seem to be any great deals yet this year.

In fact the only thing I bought was a set of doggie steps  at Walgreens on sale for $6.99.

I'll show you a picture once I put them together.

For real, there isn't much out there yet. I'm crossing my fingers and saying my prayers hoping that  there are many deals to come.

So back to cooking and decorating I go.

Happy Saturday,

The Cute Couponer
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