Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What in the world can you do with $30.00?

Ah!!! My freezers are full, my cupboards and 2 fridges are empty and my family is going to kill me if I don't buy something other than meat and vegetables. Being new into the coupon world I am trying to be a good little student and not buy anything that is not on sale and that I don't have a coupon for. Wednesday is my usual shopping day since that is the day all the stores have a sale but yawn, nothing exciting. Still waiting for Homeland's ad tommorrow and it leaves me wondering, Hmmm! What in the world can I get for $30.00? I'm not going to lie. I have visions of being not a coupon queen but a goddess like the coupon goddess here on blogspot. When will I be able to go to the store and come home with no money oop! Look I used my first coupon lingo!. For those of you who don't coupon oop means out of pocket. Stay tuned.

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