Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back In The Game

It's Time!

It's just about that time again to get back in the game.

The great money saving game of couponing.

I want and need to save lots of money.

Stay tuned! Many exciting things are coming!

I spent the day cleaning up egg-nog. This morning I had the bright idea to re-arrange my living room and set my glass of egg-nog on top of the entertainment center and down it went. To be exact, to the VCR, the DVD player, the TV, the antenna, the remote, the boxes the picture frame and don't forget the wall. Who knew how sticky egg-nog could really be!!!!!!!!!!!

If the egg-nog wasn't enough I went to vacuum the bedroom and the heater cover fell off, I didn't even touch it! Then I opened the closet door and the door knob went flying off. Did I mention ants are coming out of my shower where the maintenance people have yet to replace the shower stall and I still have no faucet. My sink is full of dirty dishes and the hot water doesn't work. The cold water has no pressure and I've had enough! My lease is up soon and I am so going back to the wonderful world of living in a house! 

Pardon Me!

My doggie Holland just threw up all over the furniture and Little Miss decided to hop up on the computer chair and eat my dinner why I was taking care of Holland. I'm a great multi-tasker, I can eat and type.

Just think It's only Sunday! 


No wonder I haven't had time for couponing lately.

Have A Great Week,

The Cute Couponer


  1. Thanks Anna! It's great to be back! How are you?

  2. I am doing well. I hurt my back so have been out of commission too. I am taking your advice, buying papers, printed the Black Friday ads, and have some money put aside for Xmas. I hope to be done with Xmas shopping this weekend so I can enjoy the holidays!

  3. Anna,

    I am sorry about your back. I hope it gets better. Have fun shopping!

    The Cute Couponer


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