Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wal-Mart Price Matching 101

I've been shocked a few times in the past several weeks when people ask me a very simple question. When I say I've taken a break from couponing for the Summer,unintentionally it's been too hot to shop, and tell people I've been price matching they say, what is that? Now for some people I think the name is self explanatory, and for others I totally don't mind explaining it.

Very simple concept......

If you find a price on a like item at another store Wal-Mart will price match it. Pineapple for pineapple and orange for orange. It get's tricky when you are talking frozen foods and boxed goods. Wal-Mart says any competitors ad. I've asked and clarifed and educated more than a few cashiers and managers this Summer.

No ad needed.

Stick to your guns on this.

The cashiers love to argue about this.

Apparently they haven't seen their commercials or read their policies.

I always find it interesting when I know how to do someone's job better than them. It's not a good feeling!!!

Print the policy and carry it with you.

Hope this helps! It's been a life-saver to me this Summer with the  heat because I haven't been in the mood to shop at all.

Looking forward to better weather,

The Cute Couponer

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