Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday Evening Spent Shopping

  So there is nothing quite like waiting until the last minute to cash in on some killer deals. Don't worry I didn't come home empty handed. I actually did a great job! I found out two of my MIR deals go on for another week so no pressure. 
   First things first I went to Target to cash in on the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend A Clean deal and finally got my Target to accept my overage. Here is how it rolls. The SBEAC is on sale for $6.99 combine the $5.00 manufacturer coupon with the $4.00 Target printable coupon and pick something else to buy that is worth $2.02, I bought two 4th of July hairbows, have the cashier scan it all give them the manufacturer's coupon first and then the store coupon and voila overage. I LOVE COUPONS !!!!! (Don't laugh at me you veteran couponers my Target absolutely refuses overage and ha ha I finally got it to work)

  My next stop was Walgreens (actually 3 different stores) and I cashed in on a few different deals. First the Lysol was on sale for $2.99 B1G1. I Bought 2 used two .50 printables and my total was $1.99 and there was a hidden $1.00 RR and voila two toilet bowl cleaners for $1.00. Now who can I get to come clean my toilets??? Just Kidding!!!!!

  I also did the Herbal Essence Shampoo deal. It was on sale for $1.00 used $1.00 manufacturer's coupon and got back a $1.00 RR and cha-ching free shampoo.

 Last but not least the Old Spice and Gillette Body Wash deal. Yes there was also a deal on them at Target but I didn't do it because of a lack of printable coupons on my part. Now men's body wash was on sale for $4.49 I used my BOGO coupons and paid $4.49 for every two and got back a $4.49 RR.  I did this 4 different times and wanted to do another 3 but they were out of the body wash everywhere so I got as much as I could. Did anyone hear bells ringing. I love shopping for free!!!!

Before I forget for those of you who have a Hobby Lobby they have some great deals 60% off Summer things. I bought the cutest hanging picture frame for $1.35.

Anyway back to yard work in the rain.

Happy Couponing,

The Cute Couponer

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