Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm Loving My Blog Designer

Today is a great day! Do you know why it's a great day? It's because I get to tell you about my blog designer Janeth! For those of you who have been hanging around for awhile might have noticed my new look. For those of you who are new welcome and I'm loving it!

It's very rare you have a few conversations with someone via e-mail and they turn all your dreams and design ideas for your blog into reality. This is what Janeth is incredibly talented at doing! 

Go check out her blog! It's in Spanish! If you don't speak spanish, that's OK! Just look at all the pretty creations she makes.

Send her an e-mail and tell her I sent you and that you want her to do a fabulous design for you. She can do anything! 

When you finish reading this scroll down on the right side of my blog and click her button. Artemsia's Blog Designs.

Trust me! You will thank me, Janeth, and yourself for it!

Happy Designing,

The Cute Couponer


  1. I like your new design. Thanks for the follow, am now following you back.

  2. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You Valerie. im so happy for your post and everything. Has been a Pleasure.


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