Monday, February 14, 2011

Organic Vegetable and Fruit Eating Organic Lady

Sometimes I think I should have called this blog Organic Vegetable Eating Coupon Momma.

That's right!

The most common complaint I hear from people whenever you mention the word coupons is that there are only coupons for junk food not for anything good.

I will tell you that statement is only about 50% true.

The reason I disagree with that statement is partially because there is alot of junk food and pre-packaged food that you can find coupons for but there also happens to be alot of coupons for Dole salad mixes, fresh bananas, frozen fruits, and frozen vegetables.

Here is an example, If you like to eat fresh strawberries on your Kashi cereal every morning and find that fresh strawberries run you $2.50 to $3.00  a package at any given point in time, think about buying frozen strawberries and letting them defrost in a bowl while you are getting ready for work and pouring the cereal in on top of the strawberries and finding a coupon for rice milk. Voila a simple and healthy breakfast.

You can also find ample amounts of frozen vegetable coupons and defrost the vegetables for fresh salads.

Remember, with couponing your goal is to always "buy what you need when you don't need it." This quote is not mine its from all those previous smart couponers who knew this and were kind enough to pass it along to all of us.

With coupons your goals should be to save money and think outside of the box. It really is a constant game and you must thoroughly learn the rules.

I want you all to know I started this blog for three reasons. 1. To educate you about how to  learn to coupon as a newbie 2. To show you my journey from the beginning. 3. To teach you to enjoy saving money.

This year has been a huge journey.

I have learned that you want my blog to entertain you but many of you are also coming here for real concrete information and advice on how to save you money.

Times really are changing. Gas is getting more expensive which drives up the cost of food and other goods.

Many of you have a hard time keeping a roof over your head let alone have the time or money to worry about putting  food on the table. Ramen noodles get a little old after while.

I get it! You want more information! You want more fun! You want a place to come that's not overwhelming and can really help you.

You wanna know what I'm cooking.

You wanna know If I'm serving healthy meals.

You want more pictures.

Point taken.

There are many changes coming to The Cute Couponer.

We have a new look now and there is a new message to come along with it. I'm going to help you and your family save money and be healthy.

It seems everyday I meet a new person with cancer. It's rampant. Cancer is everywhere. There is a certain amount of truth that it's in the chemicals. It's in the food! It's in the packaging! It's in our homes! It's in our soaps! It's in everything.

I wouldn't be honest with you if I didn't tell you these concerns bother me everyday.

It doesn't matter how much money I save or how many free things I get if they aren't good for me or my family and I have to pay a fortune in medical bills or possibly lose my life.

Please know I realize that you expect more. I take this very seriously.

Now I like my sweets and a few other super yummy recipes but you are going to see many changes around here.

Unfortunately, there is not an ample amount of coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables and that is just reality. Don't let that deter you from couponing.

I have plans for an incredibly large garden this Summer. We plan on freezing many of the things we can't get our hands on during the year or just can't afford the price. It's a great way to save money and meet are needs.

With couponing you will never go hungry but I don't want you to get sick either.

I want you to have money in your pocket and have a healthy body.

Let's do this together.

Over the next several weeks check back often. Many changes are being implemented in my life and in this blog.

I want The Cute Couponer to be a place where you can come and enjoy and feel better when you leave. I want you to have overflowing freezers and cabinets, money in your pocket, and food that's good for you.

Please will you come with me on my journey.

Let me know what your questions are and what you want to see more of.

Organic just means without pesticides it can still have lots of sugar and sugar kills.

Let's talk about it.

Let's change together.

Leave me a comment and let me know your wants and your concerns.

We are going to work on it together.

Here's To Health, Financial Freedom, and Success,

The Cute Couponer

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  1. I like this posting. I have been trying to make changes in my life particularly related to our eating habits and what we eat. I am up for changes. Look forward to the posts coming up!


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