Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gearing Up For The Challenge

Slow and steady wins the race. That's what they say isn't it? It works in couponing. No burn out.

Well in order to make this challenge work I made myself a simple little list. Here it is.

Little List

Check out freezer, shelves, fridge, and pantry to see what ingredients I have on hand for weeks 1 and 2.

Buy containers for freezer storage. ( I figure this is worth it since I will be saving a fortune from eating out)

Check sale papers and coupon supply for upcoming ads so I will have lots of goodies on hand.

Pull out my recipe file and get creative.

Enjoy the planning and knowing that I will have an extra months worth of homecooked dinners in the freezer at my beckon call.

I can't wait!!!!

Are you joining the challenge?

Happy Preparing,

The Cute Couponer

P.S. Staples are always a good thing to keep on hand! Milk, flour, Sugar, Meat, Frozen Veggies, Noodles, Rice, Cheese, Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Celery, Cream of Chicken Soups, Lots of different Crackers, and Frozen Biscuits are a must!!!

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