Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sticker Shock


 Well it's already Saturday morning and I'm as sick as ever. As a bad little couponer lately I haven't been stockpiling allergy sinus cold type stuff and low and behold I got a sinus infection. After several trips around town trying to find Mucinex, of which I have no coupons for, I finally found the off-brand for get this $14.00. AGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Did you hear my scream? If not I can do it again.
Now of course desperate times call for desperate measures but really $14.00 for an off-brand !!!
So I guess I will have to get a little more disciplined. We can all stop laughing now !!!!!

  When I get feeling better this weekend I wanna share with you the cool things Pillsbury sent me in the mail to be a Spring hostess it was a great time.

In the meantime stay well and enjoy playing,

The Cute Couponer

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