Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boutique Shopping At Christmas Time

What's a girl to do around the holidays for fun? Hmm.... In my case I threw on my favorite pair of Christmas Socks........grabbed my favorite purse........

Then I grabbed my dearest friend Niki.....

and we went SHOPPING.... Do you hear the bells a ringing? Oh yes shopping... one of my favorite things to do.


 We visited the Chimney Shop.
We headed to historic downtown Bethany Oklahoma to visit some of the cutest quaint little gift shops and antique stores.

We looked at ideas to decorate our doors.

                           Just when we thought we were done there was more.
Even the clock shop was adorable!

Wanna know my favorite thing about shopping in boutiques? They are fabulous products and they are all on sale after New Year's. 

Another fabulous thing about boutiques is that you can check out the latest trends for the year. It's like going to market without all the stress.

Wanna know the grand total I spent? $4.00 for the biggest slice of pizza and a drink. 

Then we went back to Niki's to let her hubby spoil us with fabulous appetizers.

Last but not least, we got to taste lots of goodies and have tons of new ideas for super-yummy finger foods.

I must update my shopping list!

Then finally it Snowed.....

inside that is!

What a fabulous inexpensive way to spend time with a very special friend. My head is spinning with all the new ideas I have.

Let's all have a fabulous New Year!

In the meantime, grab a dear friend and go boutique shopping.

How Cute Is That,

The Cute Couponer

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