Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TLC's Extreme Couponer

I'm sure by now everyone has either seen or heard about TLC's Extreme Couponer. It took me awhile to gather my thoughts before I decided to openly express my opinions about it.

Do I like it? Yes! Do I agree with all of the different couponers ways? No!

I don't think you should fill your house for no other reason than filling your house just because an item is for free. When you are cancelling family outings and giving up your social life to shop it becomes an addiction. I can't remember her name but it was the first lady. She said she has something like $35,000.00 of insurance on the stockpile alone! That's crazy! She should definitely donate some. It would make her and her husband,whose office she has now taken over with pasta, feel alot better. It's a great tax deduction too. It might help offset her insurance costs!

The lady who had her pregnant friend and son in a dumpster looking for coupons I could totally relate to. Have I done it? Of course! There are easier ways though to find coupons. We will talk about that another day!

Now last but not least I think his name was Nathan. He bought a ton of stuff including an insane amount of deodorant and toothbrushes. Now deodorant expires and dries up so unless you are going to donate some and give every person you know a toothbrush and a stick of deodorant for every holiday and birthday I don't recommend buying so much! It's crazy! "Waste not want not!" Those are words that constantly resonate in my ears! My grandma would have a cow! You are NOT saving money people if the product expires! I did like that he donated like a 1000 boxes of cereal to charity though!

Do I hope they make another episode? Absolutely! It's fun seeing other people make deals and really become debt free and make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Will I be shopping like these Extreme Couponers? Probably Not. Well expect for paper products like toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and anything else that costs a fortune to trash.
I would build an extra room on the house, stuff it under beds, take up a shower stall. You name it! That's expense stuff to just flush it.

Now I am crawling down off my soapbox and returning to my own world of couponing.

I checked out a great sale at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend that helped me score some great deals.

Happy Couponing,

The Cute Couponer


  1. Actually if you go to Nathan's website you will see that he donated most of the stuff bought on that trip. Not trying to be mean just letting you know. Seems TLC didn't show everything being donated. Guess it didn't make for good Tv. I used to like the show and would watch it again IF they showed a more realistic light and stopped making us all look like nutjobs. LOL I think an honest show telling viewers how to do this ethically would get plenty of viewers. I agree with you on the there is a limit and moderation is always good. What is the point of saving so much if you have no life to enjoy the savings?

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