Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Challenge Starts Tomorrow Friday October 28th 2011

Howdy ya'll!

Sorry I haven't posted yet the past few days have been a bit crazy. My mom has been very ill and I have been taking care of her. I decided to push back the challenge a couple days but I am starting tomorrow. I haven't eaten out in the past few days but I haven't prepared either. Preparation is what made me successful in the past and I am planning on being successful this time round too.

So I will post the rules tomorrow but here are the basics,

1. No fast food or restaurant stops unless someone else besides you is paying for it.

2. No food from the vending machines allowed.

3. No convenience store food.

4. No delivery food.

5. If you get invited to a party go and take a dish but don't pay anyone for food anywhere.

Pretty simple.  The goal is to build the stockpile, eat healthier, and save money. This is a great month to do this leading up to Thanksgiving and just think we will have lots of leftovers. With the savings we will have plenty of Christmas money.

Happy Preparations,

The Cute  Couponer

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