Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Curbside Pickup

( I will post pictures later)

So I didn't get to blog this weekend as I expected. Big Surprise!  I did however finally get all my stuff out of storage and I can say boy do I have alot of stuff!!!!

I have so many things to share with you over  the next  several  weeks..

I had to pick a starting point so here goes.

Yesterday was the day everyone in town throws out all their Junk  for big pick-up.

This is how it all started...

I was cruising to and from storage this weekend and someone had  thrown out the cutest little pink convertible riding car, for a little girl, minus the charger.

I thought I will take it home and clean it up put some cute stickers on it and voila it saves me $200.

Then yesterday I noticed people had more and more stuff out so of course I started  looking
casually  of course.

I saw the cutest little tunnel for kids that I could use for my dogs obstacle course I am building in the backyard.( We'll discuss the obstacle course later.)

Then of course was the brand new closet organizer.

Next thing I know I had two ficus trees and visited with the nicest  lady  who happened to have umpteen grandkids and more piles of kids clothes than she knew what to do with.

She also lost a bunch of weight and was   throwing    out  all   her  old  clothes and insisted on sending them with me.

I haven't  opened the bag  yet so I'm  not   sure    if   I should   be    offended. Lol!

Well if my van wasn't full enough  already then I hit the jackpot. Score! Someone threw out a Little Tikes extended play kitchen, one of those little red cars with the yellow tops that kids love to drive in, and a little  tikes basketball hoop, all of which  just needed a  good scrubbing.

Then thinking  I couldn't  pack anymore into my car I , somehow I  managed to get it all to fit. At the next  stop there was a  little tikes childrens art  desk

It was amazing  I got it to fit.

Long story  short it was so much fun.

Who says kids toys are expensive?

With some scrub a dub dubbing  came the best treasures.

Final  cost  =====  FREE  baby   Free

Now wait, did I mention the Little Tikes basketball hoop?

That is  what  my   day  was   like  yesterday.

Who  says  one persons  trash  isn't  another  persons   treasure...

I did the math  after going on the Little Tikes  website.

Total saved  $320 +  tax

That's only  on the 4 Little Tikes  products I was able to find.

I can't even begin  to  tell you about the clothes.

Lesson to be learned.... I am no  longer  a clothing, toy, and home decor snob.

It's alot more  fun  to shop for free!

Happy Snoop a doopin,

The  Cute   Couponer

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