Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where Do I Shop and Coupon Every Week

You asked so I'm answering

1. Crest -- I love their frequent anniversary sale and great deals on pop.

2. Homeland --- About the only place to double coupons in Oklahoma  City

3. Aldi  -- They don't take coupons but have great weekly specials on produce and candy

4. Dollar General --- They are great for my $1 bottles of 409

5. Walgreens---

6. CVS---

7. Eley Foods-- sadly the only other place to double coupons in Oklahoma City--- great meat specials

8. Buy For Less--- some decent  deals

9. Petco--- hoping for more sales

10. Petsmart-- hoping for more  sales

11.Target--  5 coupons per transaction

12. Toys R Us/Babies  R  Us

13. Staples-- great place to get ink and paper  for printing  coupons

14. Office  Depot---great place to  get  ink  and  paper for  printing   coupons

15.  Family Dollar--- no  longer accepts manufacturer coupons unless they are printed in their ad and sometimes  a decent deal with their coupon books. Great place to get seeds for  gardening.

Now if you excuse me this is a pretty decent coupon week so I will be back to chat later.

Happy Clipping To You,

The   Cute  Couponer

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