Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 Day No Eat Out Challenge Starting Tomorrow

So sorry everyone I have been very sick the last few days. I'm feeling  much  better now. Like much of the country here in Oklahoma we are experiencing a terrible heat wave with wind. My oven went out I had a small electrical fire and gas leak today and my mom is in the hospital. In other words I'm going to continue the no eat out challenge but it's too darn HOT to fill the freezer. Dinner is cantaloupe. We will do the no eat out fill the freezer challenge in September ( like many of you have suggested) when things cool off a bit. Don't worry I will still give you a bunch  of  recipes this month!

Thanks for your understanding. I'm stoveless for awhile. To the grill I go!!! I think it's too hot to grill  though.

Stay  Cool,

The  Cute  Couponer

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