Saturday, June 18, 2011

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

For those of you who don't know it has been couponing he-- here in OKC lately.  Homeland stores have made it incredibly rough on those of us who love to coupon. They now have a new couponing policy that you must  present the coupon with the product while checking out and tape it to the product. I swear I think they are employing someone to watch the Extreme Couponing show every Wednesday night and are paranoid about people abusing the system.

This is the letter I'm considering  writing  to them.
Dear Homeland,

It's IMPOSSIBLE to abuse the  couponing system at Homeland.  You only allow us 1 coupon to double per item per visit to the store. You only have like 4 things, if even, on sale every week.  News Flash YOU ARE TOO DARN HIGH. YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN TOO DARN  HIGH AND  ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!

Remember  Homeland   we  are  paying you. You are not our customer we are yours!!!!  I don't wanna  be  harassed everytime I walk in your store and  it take me 1 1/2 hours to get out to buy  4 things. Get over yourself. Your not the only game in town. You aren't even the only store that doubles coupons. News flash again, you make stockpiling IMPOSSIBLE!!! You have ticked off the majority of long term couponers in OKC.

Now that Wal-Mart has their new price matching policy in place I won't be visiting you much at all. I have been loyal to you for many years now and you have not returned the courtesy. You should be turned in for  harassing your customers and violating coupon codes and ethics!

Taping coupons makes a coupon void. Duh!!!! I'm not even in the grocery trade and even I have taken the time to read the fine  print.
Profiling customers is illegal.

Back to my readers

I am considering driving to Dallas once a month to purchase a large quantity of my  groceries in bulk using coupons. It will cost $60.00 in gas round trip + the cost of my coupons + 8 plus hours of time once a month + the cost of groceries.  However, I can do 20 purchases of each item per transaction. So basically one day a month shop and drive and chill for the rest of the month. If I buy $1200 worth of groceries and save 95% and pay  at least $60 in gas I'm still ahead. Plus I get the benefit of visiting my  nieces and nephews and Dallas does have several  fun  things to do. 

I'm already spending that much time going from store to store and waiting for the coupons to go through here at Homeland and having to make multiple stops a week so I think this just might work.

I will let you know what I come up with.  

I can't wait to be a free couponer  again!!!!

Happy Weekend to You,

The  Cute  Couponer

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