Monday, June 13, 2011

The Challenge Started At Noon Today

I'm excited!!!

I'm relaxed!!!

I'm late but hey at  least  I  started  the  challenge.

Today at noon, I started the 30 Day  No Eat Out Challenge.

It's  been quite simple.... so far.....

Tomorrow is my day off so I get to cook yummy  recipes.

Yummy recipes  are coming soon.

Tonight I'm having  cantaloupe  for  dinner. A late  night  dinner  under  the stars  watching   my   babies   play  outside  is just  want the DR. ordered. Yes, the Dr. ordered cantaloupe.

For the two of you who have already started how is it coming?

Let me know!!!

Happy Starting  Day,

The  Cute   Couponer

1 comment:

  1. I have started no eating out on June 1. Things are going good. I may have surgery. I find out tomorrow. Will keep working on the challenge.


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