Sunday, July 18, 2010


Nothing in this world makes you feel good instantly quite like a great pair of shoes. Whether they cost $5.00 or $500.00 doesn't matter, only that wow I look good no matter how much I weigh feeling does. Shoes do something to women to make them feel so good about themselves. Ace the job interview, attract the cutest guy, upstage your competition no matter what it is, you totally rock when you have the right pair of shoes!!!!!

Cha -Ching Baby!!!

      Look what $7.00 Summer clearance looks like.

      You heard me right!

  These are the last denim pair in Oklahoma City and I persuaded the sales rep to let me have them for $19.99. He was saving them for his girlfriend but he told her they were already sold. Don't worry it was his oops not mine. The odds were in my favor.  Go visit Payless today!

  Now for my comfy finale.
Nothing fancy I know but for $2.00 bucks sold!!!!!


            Happy Clearance Shoe Shopping,

                 The Cute Couponer

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