Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh How I Love to Garden

                                                     Aren't my elephant ears huge!!!!!

Since there is absolutely zip going on in coupon land this week I thought I would share with you another passion of mine, gardening. Now a girl's gotta have something to do when there aren't any sales. So I like to make the world a prettier place, especially my world.

                 I love to garden so much I take care of my mom's house too. Isn't her Monkey Grass crazy here!

Last Fall I had the nerve to plant 100 of my favorite flower bulbs, tulips. I was sad to see how they turned out.

        Only a few made it. Sad little things. I almost cried but then check out the next door neighbors.
                                          At first I was in shock.
                                                            Maybe a wee bit jealous...

                                          Alrighty, how did this happen exactly 30 ft.from mine?

                                 I eventually realized I could sit on the front porch swing and admire hers.

                                                    After all I have pretty Hostas....

                                 This is how my Caladiums looked when they were first coming in
These are the sweetest little pink perennial flowers. I have no idea what they are called since the plastic label you stick in the ground washed away with all the rain we have been having.
                Remember the Blueberry bushes we bought a few months ago? They are coming in nicely. 
                                          Our Tiger Lillies sure have taken off...

                                          Now the lime green looking stuff is my new Money Wart groundcover.
          If all goes as planned it should eventually look like this. Our neighbor Penny has quite the green thumb.

I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of my new garden. Be sure to know I will keep you posted as to how things grow.

Now off to Walgreen's to spend those RR's that expire today. I will show you what I have planned for them later this weekend.

Happy Gardening,

The Cute Couponer

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