Friday, July 30, 2010

Stepping It Up A Notch

 I have spent the better part of the week watching what's  left of my stockpile dwindle down to nothing. It's not like I don't have a years supply of gourmet sugar cookie mix, cake mix, Juicy Juice, and toothpaste not to mention enough sausage for 6 months. We are just seriously  lacking in many other categories like food! After my first 6 months of coupon shopping is closing in I have decided I need to step it up a few notches. Instead of buying the usual 2 papers a week, my grandma throwing hers in and the sweetest neighbor of mine dropping several in my mailbox I have decided to buy 10 papers a week. You heard me correctly 10. Most people report that sales cycle every 3 months but that is proving not to be true in my area. Some deals I have  made haven't come around again so I am going to buy more so I can cash in when things are on sale.

  I recommend finding your number. It takes some serious trial and error but you live and you learn. Tomorrow I plan on spending the greater part of the day cleaning and organizing and cashing in on the remainder of the deals to be had this week and praying for fabulous new coupons in the Sunday paper. There is a wonderful website called Sunday coupon preview (just google it) that always tells me what to expect. August is going to be great!          

Make sure you all have a wonderful Friday night.

  Many Summer Blessings,

  The Cute Coupner


  1. I hopped over from Blog Frog via the describe your blog in 3 words thread. I used a lot of coupons when my children were young, and would now if I could find them. We don't take a newspaper, and when I try to print them from the web most sites don't recognize that I have the coupon printer installed. So, since it is only the two of us, I am destined to pay full price.

  2. I appreciate you stopping by. I wonder if you have considered buying the paper at the local store.It saves a fortune,even for two. I have the same problem with the coupon printers, either they don't recognize it or bring some sort of virus. For the most part I stick with newspaper coupons and Target printables!

  3. Thanks for following me via Friday Blog Hops! I'm your newest follower. Try and stop by and link up for my Meet Me Monday. It starts tonight at 10 pm. Hope to see you then.

  4. Awesome Thanks I will do that!


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