Monday, August 2, 2010

Surprise Clearance at Wally World

 Well my mom and I were on our 3rd trip to Home Depot ( I will tell you more about it later this week) and decided to pop on over to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. Sales seem rather grim for the week but I'm still waiting on three more stores ads to come out tomorrow so I decided to just get the bare necessities. My goal was simple to run in and out but then I saw this pile of people around these two shelves so you know I had to go see what was going on. Well in a matter of minutes the two shelves were more or less emptied but I was fortunate to be able to grab my fair share.

I bought 5 bottles of Ajax dish liquid for 50 cents a piece.

I also happened to score 20 packages of my favorite Hollandaise Sauce Mix for .50 a package and to make it even better the Bernaise sauce was discounted down to .50 too! Usually these are a $1.69 I have never seen them on sale and they are simply marvelous!

Well Jimmy Dean Gravy Mix that usually sells for $1.50 happened to be marked down to .50 and then something fabulous happened when I got to the register and they rang up .25 a piece. Lucky Me!

I bought 7 boxes Idaho Instant Mashed Potatoes marked down to .50 a piece, usually $2.00.

The yummy Cranberry Stove Top Stuffing was on sale for .50 a box and I bought two boxes. I would  never dream of making store bought dressing for the holidays but I might be in the mood for it a few times in Fall.

Last but not least the much coveted Terra Sweet Potato Chips. Now let me tell you how hard it is to get your hands on these things. First you have to drive to the other side of town to the health food store to pay $5.00 a bag for them and that's when they have them. When they are out you go to another far away grocery store almost the same distance away to pay almost $5.00 a bag for them too. The one time we found them at Wally World they were over $4.00 a bag  and they were stale. We forgot to check the date. EXPIRED!!!  Finally  today of all days with no coupons in hand my mom comes rolling up with 9 bags in her cart with the biggest grin on her face and says they are $2.58 a bag should I get them. I put a huge grin on my face knowing I have taught her well to stock up when things are on sale and said YES!!!  Don't worry I checked the dates for her.

You know sometimes when you least expect it there are deals right around the corner. Keep your eyes open wide and swing by Wally World today!

Have Fun Clearance Shopping Today,

The Cute Couponer


  1. Wow, great deals :) Looks like you are good to go for Thanksgiving! LOL, thanks for checking out my blog :) Happy Savings!

  2. yikes, I never have enough room in my pantry for all that.

    Thank you for joining my community on blog frog!
    Come and post a link to your blog on my “tag along tuesday”


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