Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crest Grand Opening Sale Yippee!!!!

 The other night I was surfing the internet for deals to see if there was anything great this week. Much to my surprise I saw they were opening a new Crest on the other side of town. Knowing there wasn't a chance that I could make it down there this week I just decided not to be upset and realized more deals will come around again. So last night on the way home from work I decided to pop into my neighborhood Crest and much to my surprise a great big sign on the door greeted me saying GRAND OPENING SALE !!! I was a very happy lady!

  Now I didn't quite know which direction to turn first so I went through the entire store and this is what I found. I used a total of one coupon, because I didn't take them with me, and spent a whopping $68.00 and change.

 Del Monte canned goods for .40 cents a can limit 10.

Bulls-Eye BBQ Sauce for .68 a piece. I only bought two. I'm a KC Masterpiece girl and I like free. But I'm up for trying new things.

Penne pasta and pasta shells were .50 a piece

Rodeo hot dogs were .68 a piece. I only bought four because  I'm a Ballpark girl who prefers free.

Pop Tarts for $1.00
My favorite Juices for $1.00 a bottle
My favorite vice Crystal Light Green Tea for $2.50. There have been no coupons out for this stuff lately!

My favorite PB for $1.25 a jar
Easy skillet pkg. noodles 3 for $1.00

 Pasta Salad Pkg.'s for $1.00 This is the only coupon I used which was $1.00 off two making them .50 cents a piece. Yummy donuts were also only $1.00 a bag.

So overall, not bad for a last minute trip with zippo coupons! I picked up a few more odds and ends like a l6 oz bag of pretzels for $1.00. I bought three bottles of Chocolate milk and strawberry milk for .33 a piece and of course my favorite string cheese for $2.50.

For those of you  who live in Oklahoma go check out Crest Today.

Happy Grand Opening Shopping,

The  Cute  Couponer


  1. Wom Valerie,
    That's alotta stuff!
    Thanks for stopping by the Tag along Tuesday
    Please feel free to post your link again on our "Saturday Support"

  2. Great deals! New follower here from BlogFrog! Looking forward to visiting here often : )

  3. Welcome Ladies! I'm excited your here! Have a great weekend and check back often.




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