Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great Summer Drought of 2010

Ladies and gentleman welcome to what I call the Great Summer Drought of 2010.
The 1st picture above is what I used to call our grass. It hasn't seen rain in weeks.
Apparently all the money I am saving from not eating out is going to go to pay the $300.00 + water bill that waters the dead grass. Hmmm..... if you don't like a product at a store you return it.... I wonder what the city would say about a refund on my water bill?

This picture is what I like to call our former bushes. They sure did look pretty all Spring....

 This is what used to be a peach tree.... she's looking a little shabby right now.

My bush looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you think?

Even the violets are dying. I gave them a drink of water and it still didn't help one bit.

This is what's left of one of my favorite bushes... she's hanging on.

Just little bits of green... with hoses spread everywhere.

 Say bye-bye to the elephant ears and groundcover.

Toodaloo  front yard bushes

Nice seeing you this year hostas.....even the monkey grass is dying.

The webworms are out in full force.

Apparently I grow weeds very well.

Now this is what the trees look like... poor little things.

Wanna know the very worst part of it all? The leaves have already begun to fall. Uugh! I guess I can subtract 6 bags from the usual 189 I do every Fall. I'm so not kidding, I pick up 200 bags of leaves in our yard every year. It was 189 last Fall. I know I kept count.

Well my dreams of showing you pictures of our lush landscaping and beautiful flowers and veggie garden pictures are over for this year. I will definitely try again in Fall. Mums are already in the stores. Hmmm?

Hope It Rains Soon For Everyone,

The Cute Couponer

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