Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eating Out

First of all I rounded out Saturday evening by taking my mom out for dinner and I must say I am so proud of her.  She is finally thinking like a true couponer.  Let's just say we had many errands to run together today and she definitely started to wear out so I left her in the car at a few stops, with the air-conditioner running, while I popped inside for a few end of the week freebies.

Walgreens was my first stop and I ran in to get the free Washable Crayola Markers, free women's vitamins, and free box of crayons. I wanted a raincheck for the .19 cent pkg.'s of pencils but my cashier refused to call the manager to write one and I didn't feel like arguing so on my way I went.

Half a dozen stops later I end up at Wally World and picked up some .50 cent end of Summer clearance glasses and came across the most adorable pink colored George Foreman Grill for $15.00. I had to have it! It's pink and only $15.00. The last one I bought 5 + years ago has since disappeared and was over $20 at Kohl's so I decided what the heck.

   Finally, I made it to Office Depot. Well all I can say is I was a bad little ad reader this week because I missed the reams of paper for $1, limit 2 per person, good for last Sunday only. Shame on me! I never have enough paper. It wasn't all bad. While I was there I calmed down the nicest older lady who was horribly upset they had nothing left. I told her not to worry there are many more sales to come. She seemed happy! What can I say I have a calming effect on people! :) I made it out the door with 3 pkg.'s of pens and 3 protractors for a grand total of .......98 cents. Even the cashier was surprised.

Well after a few more stops and a couple trips home my mom started whining saying I'm hungry! Isn't this backwards? Shouldn't that be me whining I'm hungry? Well, I offered to take mom to lunch but she just wasn't in the mood but dinner was another story. Seems that while I was running in and out of the store mom found my stash of Zio's Italian Kitchen Coupons that came in the Sunday paper two weeks ago and decided to give it a try. Now we love Zio's and frequent it often but I am trying to give up eating out so you know it had to be a good deal for me to give it a try. Get this, the family feast feeds 4 people at 19.99. The insert also gives directions for texting for a free appetizer. Let's break this down 4 meals and one appetizer for 19.99 SOLD!!! I was too tired to call anybody else to come with us so mom and I headed in and headed out full. Even the manager was impressed. The food would feed about 6 people. So 6 meals, 4 salads, and one appetizer for 19.99 + tax. I'm a happy camper. Did you hear the bells a ringing? Oh wait it's not Christmas time! For those of you who have a Zio's around I highly recommend stopping in. Oh I forgot to mention our traditional game of tic tac toe. Make sure you check your inserts from last Sunday's paper. If you don't have the code to text, e-mail me or flip the flier over to the front side and voila another free appetizer coupon.

Overall not a bad day for procrastinating from finishing up my redecorating project. Painting in 103 degree heat just isn't much fun. I will make sure to post my latest redecorating project pictures this next week. Of course it will finally be done. In the meantime, have lots of fun shopping and pick up several copies of tomorrow's paper.

Happy Dining Out,

The Cute Couponer

P.S. I have tried the online discount rest. coupons for my area and there is never anything good. That's why I gave in and went tonight. We needed a treat because I am about to start my 30 days of no eating out challenge. Not quite ready for that to begin though.


  1. Good Luck with your challenge! Let us know how it goes! If you need something motivational - post your dinner recipes each day here on your blog so we can see :)

  2. That is a fantastic idea. See how smart you couponers are. I think that's a great idea. Maybe I will start the challenge next week. Great idea great!


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