Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 1 of The No Eating-Out Challenge

Happy Sunday evening to you all! What a crazy beginning to a new week. Wow, I can't say I have done anything  special today in preparing for the challenge. I did however spend the entire day painting this clubroom again. It's been three weeks since this project began.

Have no fear though I have lots of fabulous recipes lined up for the next 30 days and come Wednesday I plan on sharing them with you. First I decided I needed to use up the leftovers and everything that is at risk of going bad. Make sure you clean out your fridge and use up what you have before we go shopping for more. Wait that's not a coupon rule! I'm incredibly tired can you tell? I've had it with painting, I'm a wallpaper kind of girl. It goes up easy and is a cinch to clean up.

Well my assignments are simple for the next day or two I'm going to finish cleaning out the fridge. I wanna show you Monday night what I did this entire last week to get ready for this challenge. The digital camera is back and charged and ready to go.

Before I forget there are 5 of us taking the challenge. The more the merrier!

Now, finally a late night dinner at 10:00 p.m. and more painting.

Have A Fabulous Monday,

The Cute Couponer


  1. Hi, I'm Anna. Could not figure out how to leave my name on the post comment selection.

    I will join you too. I went shopping and got ready late last night too.

  2. Hi Anna, I am so excited you are joining us. Welcome aboard. So far, it's a fun ride. Please jump in and feel free to share your favorite recipes and thoughts.


    The Cute Couponer

  3. No eating out for 30 days? umm not sure my husband would do it..but I can try. I can at least commit to one week at a time and see how that goes...he likes to take me out to dinner each week though. :P But maybe we can omit the whole family eating out. That would save us money.

  4. I think that would be a great start Sisterlisa. Welcome aboard... we would love to have you.


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