Thursday, August 19, 2010

Egg Recall

Happy Day 5 everyone,

 I am very busy cooking in the kitchen and have many recipes and pictures to share over the next few days. Just wanted to give you a quick reminder if you have bought eggs in the last few weeks double check your cartons with the recall #'s. Part of why I have procrastinated on my recipes is because I hadn't had time to look up the recall and sure enough mine are on the list. Bummer!

Here is a quote from the Huffington Post
"On one end of each egg carton is stamped with a number starting with a P (which stands for plant). If the number on your carton is P1720 or P1942, look carefully at the three-digit number that typically follows it. If that number falls within the range of 136 to 229, the eggs are part of the recall. (The numbers represent dates: The 136th day of the year was May 16; the 229th was Aug. 17.)
If you're checking eggs for the first time, also look for these plant numbers from the original recall: P1026, P1413, and P1946. That recall involved date numbers 136 to 225 (May 16 to Aug. 13)."

Mine fell into this category. This totally stinks. I have to go egg shopping to complete all my recipes. Yikes! Please excuse the delay.. Surely, by Friday evening I will find some good eggs.

Have A Great Thursday,

The Cute Couponer

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