Monday, August 23, 2010

Sick and Making It Day 9

 Don't ask me how but I woke up Saturday morning feeling miserable. Not eating out and not eating period hasn't been much of a problem the last three days. Sorry for my lack of posts this weekend, I haven't been feeling great. It's day 9 and I've still been a good girl and haven't been eating out. I will double up on my recipe posts to make up for this weekend.

I think we are all doing well hanging in there considering computer problems, camera problems, the egg recall, and being sick.

I've made it this far and I have no plans to turn back now.

Back to Bed,

The Cute Couponer


  1. Hope you are feeling better. I went back to work and I have not kept up with home duties. Anna

  2. Thank You. I so know the feeling...


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