Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making Money at Staples

Couponing is so going to rock the next few weeks!  I don't know what it is about stores around back to school time but the competition is fierce for them so it's a great benefit to us. All of the future sales can make up for the fact that I dropped my digital camera and cell phone this week and can't find the battery charger. Work was the week from you know where and when I opened the Sunday paper this morning it's like it all went away. So you may have to wait to see my pictures for a few days, unless I figure out the whole cell phone camera thing but let me show you what I picked up.

First up is Staples

2 Photo Plus Papers on sale for 9.99 each
2 Pkg.'s Copy Paper  on sale for 4.99 each
2 1 Subject Notebooks for .25 each

total = $33.01 with tax

I subtracted the $10.00 off  $25.00 Office Depot Competitor Coupon

and voila new total is = $23.01
I submitted 2 rebates for the copy paper at 3.98 each
and two 9.75 rebates for the photo paper and voila
almost $5.00 profit

( It paid for the gas on the way to work)

 Not much was rockin my world at Walgreens but I did stop in for the
 Dr.Scholls for her Rough Skin Eraser (apparently everyone is trying this)
 So I bought 4 tubes and here's the math

 2 Rough Skin Erasers at 6.98 each                                                                                                                minus 1 $5.00 off
Walgreens Coupon in July booklet
the register magically removes $10.00
I paid $5.17 for every two including tax
and got back a Register Reward for $5.00

My feet should feel great by this evening! I am going to sneak into the shower and try
this stuff out after everyone is in bed.

In the meantime check back often this week. There are a ton of sales going on.Yay!!!

Happy Couponing,

The Cute Couponer

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