Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Loving My One Special Night

 I've been meaning to tell you about downtown Oklahoma City for quite some time now. Bricktown is now a happening place. At first I was not excited about putting in a riverwalk, I thought it made us too much like San Antonio but I must say it certainly has grown on me. It's full of clubs, restaurants, the baseball park, movie theater, bowling alley, and even the people that do the building jumping. That's right building jumpers! People actually do that for sport. Can't say I would try.
  We ate at Crabtown a fabulous little seafood joint. I got a great cheesey crab dish complete with red beans and rice.

 Now they also have the most wonderful potatoes I think I have ever eaten.  How many of you have eaten alligator? You heard me right alligator it comes grilled to the left and fried to the right. It's kind of like steak but not as good. I say leave the alligators alone! The grilled is better.

They had some great entertainment! If you look at the picture below in the top right you an see the lady singing and playing her guitar. All I have to say about Toby Keith's is it has some great entertainers. The staff is rude, the service stinks, and the food is bad and overpriced . There is no loving this bar but the entertainment is worth it. Sorry Toby! I still love you just not your bar.....

 I am a happy lady who enjoyed a surprise carriage ride, walk down the canal, and a midnight finale at Toby Keith's.


This was bound to be the best date I have ever been on .Too bad it didn't work out!!!!!

I will always remember it as one special night.

Happy Summer Days,

The Cute Couponer


  1. Too bad about the bar, but looks like a nice night!

    Thanks for linking up

  2. Hi,
    I'm coming on over from Blogfrog and am now your newest follower.

    The food looks de-lish and the polka dots are so cute. I love black and white! I'll be checking in often!

    Have a great Day!


  3. Checking out Blog Frog. Like your bargain have serious shopping skillz! I also grew up in OKC and have a serious love for OK, even though I now live in the Panhandle of TX. Love to go to OKC and the river walk. Great people in OK. Thanks for posting!


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