Friday, November 11, 2011

Blessed Beyond Imagination

Today I had an ah-hah moment. You know one of those times that God makes you realize what you've been asking for is right in front of you.

See part of my job entails talking to people who don't have alot of money. I talk to at least 75 people a day who are having soooo much trouble making ends meet. In fact, they never make ends meet they rob Peter to pay Paul every month. They don't seem to have much choice due to their older age and health conditions. It really tears at my heart because many times I go home and am frustrated that I can't do more to help. I say many silent prayers for the many people I talk to everyday hoping that God can find a way to help.

It seems everywhere I go lately I run into people I know who are suffering hard times. I have watched many people get fired or let go for no good reason. I can say for the first time in a few years I see most people around me suffering financially.

I worry about them alot. I worry about my own family as well. Bills go up but salaries don't.

Today when I was piddling getting ready for work thinking, and God must have been listening, I heard this voice in my head give me an answer to a question I had been asking. God said, "because you haven't asked me."  He's right! I hadn't asked I had been so worried about everyone else's problems that I had put mine on the back burner and God dealt with me.

See whatever your problems are it's important to remember nothing is bigger than God. So many times I charge ahead and just think I can do it myself and I forget that I forgot to ask him what he wanted me to do.

I really believe God intended for me to write this blog to be a blessing to teach people to keep food on their tables. Remember, "if we give a man a fish we feed him for a day but if we teach a man to fish we feed him for life."

The same is true with couponing. Not a week goes by where I don't hear a person say, "how about I pay you to go do the couponing thing for me." I always politely decline and say no but you are welcome to join me. Slowly each person comes around. As they get excited about it and say, "now I rarely buy anything if I don't have a coupon for it my heart gets warmer." It's exciting to see people save money.

I encourage you this holiday season to consider it a blessing that you know how to coupon. I have the peace of knowing that regardless of my family's circumstances they will always have food on the table and that is a huge blessing.

Remember there are coupons for just about everything now. From food, to household goods, toys, shoes, and clothing I encourage you, especially in a downturn economy, think and prepare before you shop. The money you save today will pay your bills tomorrow.

I look forward to encouraging you.

Blesssings to You,

The Cute Couponer

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