Thursday, November 17, 2011

One More Week on the Challenge

So I've been a good  girl for the most part!

A few Frappe's at McDonalds and a Coke to stay awake at work and other than that I've been eating at home!

I need to work on cold coffee drinks for my stockpile. I've also found that I need to buy some tv dinners to have on hand as well.

I would have had no need to cheat had I had these things in my stockpile but hey a girl's gotta have caffeine.

Ending the challenge on Thanksgiving Eve will be absolutely perfect.

I have so much shopping to do this week. I'm buried in coupons, coupons, and more coupons.

I'm getting excited!

I'm hosting Thanksgiving again this year  and we have some special guests. It warms my heart to open my home to family and friends.

How about all of you? Are you hosting this year or going somewhere? Whatcha cookin?

Looking Forward to Hearing From You,

The Cute Couponer

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