Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eeeewww Gross at Buy For Less

I had a few errands to run on Tuesday when going to visit a friend I haven't seen in awhile on the other side of town. When I stopped for one of my errands a lady reminded me how close I was to one of my favorite BBQ places in town. Buy For Less grocery store has a fabulous BBQ lady who sells BBQ cheaper than I can buy it and cook it myself. Now, before you start saying I broke the rules I want you to know I didn't. The reason I didn't break the rules is because I bought the food at the grocery store and it was for less money than I could have bought the ribs and cooked them myself.

When I parked my car and started to walk inside there was a man in a pick-up with lots of different plastic containers stacked on top of each other. They looked like what grocery stores usually put bread in to stack and move around. Upon further inspection inside each plastic thing, totally open to the elements, were sheet cakes. I was STUNNED!!!

Buy For Less was accepting a delivery from a man who had a bunch of cakes not wrapped and not in boxes and not covered in plastic. Gross!!! He obviously drove down the road where dust, bird poop, oil, rain, and any other form of debris could have hit the cakes. They were trying to figure out how to unload them! I thought they should just trash them. Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was tempted to talk to the manager and say that has got to be a Health Department violation but in the past I've never had any luck with Buy For Less. Their management and corporate office could care less about how their customers are treated and have said so many times.

The only reason I got my BBQ is because the lady who sells it operates her own independent business within the store. She is not an employee of Buy For Less.

Now am I the only person who thinks this is gross or what?

Don't think I'll ever order a cake from Buy For Less....

Happy Thursday,

The Cute Couponer

P.S. The challenge is going well I'm still being a good girl. I haven't forgotten all the new series I promised to add in October. You will start to see the changes over the next few weeks.

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