Sunday, March 7, 2010

$200 Worth of Groceries for $65.00 Bucks

Crest Anniversary Sale Round 3 or is it 4 hmmm ...

All Crest cheese is 1.00 a pack
Hillshire Farms Beer Brats 1.00 a pack
Swiss Miss Cocoa .79 a pack
Yoplait Yogurt on sale for .30 (this never happens) and I had a 1.00 off 6 so .80 for 6

Sadly the Crest Anniversary Sale is coming to an end on Tuesday. Oh well, all good things must come to an end for a new thing to begin.

So check out more deals


Hiland Ice Cream was on sale 2 for $5.00
used 4 .75/1 Do Not Double and voila 1.75


Just about every noodle you can imagine for .50 a package

Farmland Bacon $1/2 so $2 a package (not my best)

Gravy Pack .50 a piece

Grab and Go powdered and choc. covered donuts 1.00  a piece


Sunkist Orange Soda .50 a piece
Juicy Juice $1 a bottle

and 1 Glade Spray $1

Then over to Buy For Less for my deal of the week
Farmland sausage was on sale for 1.00 a package

I had 1.00 off 2 coupons and cha ching

.50 a pack

(don't worry I have a plan for these)


tomato sauce .27 a piece and 
tomatoes .77 a pound (see why I grow my own)

Corned Beef for St. Patty's Day 2.50 a lb

Finally over to Aldi (which doesn't accept coupons)

frito chips for $1.00 a bag

bananas for .39 a lb

Onion Soup Mixes for .69 a 4 pack

Brown Gravy Mixes for .33

mandarin oranges for .50 for each large can

Ahh what a great week of shopping. In the meantime have a great Sunday night and I have and exciting announcement tomorrow so check back in.

Sweet Dreams
The Cute Couponer

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