Sunday, March 21, 2010

Starting From Scratch

I thought it fitting to title this blog post Starting From Scratch because that is what it is all about. So there are two things I wanna talk to you about today.

One making smarter choices with food to lose weight so I am healthier and can achieve my dreams and goals and the second is taking care of yourself.

First so many of you have asked me can you really coupon and buy foods other than processed and pre -packaged garbage. The answer is yes sometimes it takes just a bit more hunting. So let me be honest here for a second I need to lose some major weight and in a hurry so you will see many more healthy postings and hopefully fun recipes that are actually good for you .

Second I can't tell you the number of people lately that have told me as the caretaker I need to start taking care of myself. Now when one person says it you think maybe they are being nice when two you think what do I look like a ragamuffin but when 3 or more in this case say it I can finally say I get the point.  Done and doing it. It's so much fun thinking about what I am going to do first. Excercising ... not the most exciting until you see the results and you get an excuse to wear your headphones for an hour.... Going back to singing fun but wish I was thinner  to perform but that's ok I can still work it... three going back to church yes I know I need to get there so as long as it is not snowing next week Count Me In ...

So fellow couponers and all my newbies pay attention this week I am back Mom is out of the hospital and doing ok. The never ending supply of snowstorms is just about over and Spring is in the air so let's have some fun together on this new journey .

Take Great Care of Yourselves. I  Mean It.

The Cute Couponer

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