Monday, March 1, 2010

Walgreens Was Wild This Weekend

     I hit Walgreens for a super hot sale this weekend.                                                                                        
    Hydrogen peroxide  3/$1
    Seed Packets 5/$1
    and the cutest stinkin St. Patty's Day shirt was $7.99.

    Now who says they can't find any coupons at Walgreens mmm....


  The Triaminic Child Finder Booklets are full of coupons. I found them at the Pharmacy at one Walgreens and the photo at another. The new Diabetes and You magazines are out and have plenty of coupons hanging on the wall by the chairs back in pharmacy. You also want to raid the booklet section back by the pharmacy those little booklets are full of coupons. When I went to pick up my free 8x10's the photo sleeves had 2 coupons to tear off. Last but not least hanging on the shelf by the Tylenol I found several Tylenol booklet coupons. Don't forget to pick up your new March Walgreens Coupon booklet those are located by the store circulars.

Now I know what you are thinking you may not be diabetic but remember. Many of the items you buy you are making a profit on so give it to someone who is diabetic. Keep the overage for your very own shopping spree. 

In the meantime, I have lots of pictures to take of my super sale items this weekend and a tornado ripped through my house this weekend. I wish there was a cleaning God I could say prayers to that would clean my house for me hmmm.....

Would that be petty?

The Cute Couponer

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