Saturday, February 6, 2010

Foodstamps and Free Items

Alrighty so the government is giving you a minimum amount of money to pay for food for you and your family and of course only the government would come up with the idiotic idea of food stamps not covering free items. So I know free is not really free because you are really paying tax on the face value of the coupon but the food stamp card is not going to cover it. Here is an example, Kraft Cheese at .99 cents a package and you have a coupon for buy two Kraft cheeses get a $1.00 off , Your coupon doubles making it $2.00 (no you aren't getting the overage) and there is still .09 cents owed for the tax on the coupon. Swipe your ebt card and no go. That's because DHS won't let you use your card for free items. Come up with the .09 cents or put it back. Now if you are in a tax free state than I know this won't apply to you. Happy Foodstamping.

                                                              How Cute is That,

                                                                      The Cute  Couponer

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