Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valerie's Valentine Clearance

Woo Hoo the pictures are in.

Remember how I was griping last week about the stores having like nothing on sale after Valentine's Day for a decent price?  Monday I finally got over it and look what I found. Plastic plates for .37 a piece (these will work all Spring) Colorful plastic cups 4 packs at .37 a package (will work all Summer long) and you know I was in heaven when I found the most fabulous  frosted sugar cookie and icing mix for .75 a package. It makes 24. I know we are not to clear the shelf but all is fair in love and sugar cookies! I bought all 18.


If you really want to have some fun stroll to the lingerie section at Wally World (aka Wal-Mart Super Center) and look at all the cotton nightgowns with hearts on them. Pick them up and head over to the scanner.They are not marked but ringing up at $2.50 a piece. (Can I get a Cha-Ching Cha-Ching ?)


Now my favorite of all. Hot pink Plastic Tablecloths for .19 a piece. I use one all Spring. I don't have to buy them again for 5 years. How cool is that?

                 Finally back to my beloved Target. I bought all those window clings for .10 a piece. While I was there  I also found these adorable baby shirts on an end cap that will work perfect for my munchkins that say "Puppy Love" for .50 a piece. 2 more rolls of Valentine's Wrapping Paper at .19 a piece and the must adorable shirt for my baby "Eloise" for a quarter.

                  I love Target and Target loves Me.

                  Now toss back a few cosmos and run don't walk to Wal-Mart and Target and cash in.

                                                               The Cute Couponer

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