Friday, February 19, 2010

So Much to Do , So Little Time

 I have so much to tell you and so much to do. As promised my friend will be back next week and I am going to get  a lesson in hooking the camera to the computer and adding pictures quickly. This way I can show you my shopping trips the same day I do them. Sales are kind of blah here right now so let's pray to the coupon gods that they will send some sales our way.

    On a side note, you know how I totally bashed CVS last week? I totally love their machine as of today so go, go, go scan your cards the machine spit out $5 off of $15 it loves me.  I'm  thinking of playing the lottery.

     In the meantime, by the end of this weekend I am planning on having a clean house, clean car, complete blog, clean dogs, and of course lot's of shopping. I will check back tommorrow.

     No I haven't forgotten adding the Walgreens and CVS for Foodstampers it's still coming  soon!!!

                              Happy Rainy Weekend and Start Planning Your Gardens!!!!!!!!

                                          The Cute Couponer

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