Friday, February 12, 2010

Trying Out New Stores

So, last week I decided to try out a new store. It happens to be the only store other than Homeland that  doubles coupons in Oklahoma City. They do unlimited 50 cent doubles all day everyday. I also wanted to see if they had any decent meat. One thing about the stores here, it is very hard to find good quality meat.

So here are the results of my shopping experience.


Dole Salads at $1 each (not the greatest)
The Best Boneless Beef Roasts I have ever eaten at 1.991b
Boneless Chicken Breast at 1.591b
Lots of canned veggies at .49 cents a piece
and a discount on my favorite seasoning Cavenders (they don't ever put out coupons)

Now yes  I know I used no coupons but still great prices for a beginner

I also stopped by Crest for a few sale items check out what I found
they are having their annual anniversary sale

           ( sorry these pictures won't rotate)

                 Kraft Cheese 1.25 a piece
                 Cheetos at 1.00 a piece
                 Canned Tomatoes at .49 a can
                 Red Baron Pizza 2/$5
                Vlasic Pickles at 1.35 a piece
                 Donuts at 1.50 a package
                 Yogurt for 4/$1
                  Large Packages of Skinner Spaghetti for .69 a piece
                  Betty Crocker Brownie Pack at .49 a piece
                  Roma Tomatoes 3/$1

            Once again I didn't use coupons but still decent deals. However, I am going to start setting a max that I will pay for certain items.

               One thing I have learned is it never hurts to give new stores a try.

         I will definitely return to Eley's to get more roast!!!!! Yum, yum, yummy

                                                    The Cute Couponer

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