Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun, Good Shopping

There is nothing better in the world than having good friends and especially good friends who love to shop. My friend Teresa and I actually met while couponing at CVS and now shop together on a regular basis. If you want to stick with couponing try to find a buddy who will do it with you. It's kind of like excercise you need the friend for the motivation.

 I wanted to introduce two of my dearest friends to you, Niki and Eric.


Eric loves to cook

They invited me over for dinner the other night and this is what they made me.

OOO Wee~~~~

and then came this

                                              Isn't Niki a "Greek Goddess"?

  It is so nice to for me the shopper and the cook to get such a wonderful treat like this!!!!!

Now I have some major grocery shopping to do tommorrow. The coupon gods finally heard   my prayers. Tommorrow I am going to show you what I found at Crest the other day and the sale that is going on until a week from Monday and then I am also going to hit Homeland twice. First the regular sale and then the three day sale.

  In the meantime, call your friends and invite them over dinner and sign up a buddy to coupon with.

                      Happy Eating!!!!

                      The Cute Couponer

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