Saturday, February 27, 2010

GRRR!!!!!!!!! You asked Me To Post It Full Cuppers So Here It Is

Round and round we go. Mission simple. Go to Walgreens with grandma's list and pick up my bic bogo razors and go home to beat storm. Problem #1 Richard aka: asst. manager ( we can't cover the coupon for the face value amount) Me: Why not it says value up to 6.99 Richard: Only one coupon per purchase Me: One set of razors is a purchase the coupon doesn't say transaction. Richard: Me: Let's call the manager to clarify Richard: I am the manager Me: your tag says assistant manager 4 customers in line behind me: She's right!!!!! Richard Me: Let's call the corporate office Richard: Me: Richard: Ok I can sell you one and then the others will be free. Me Ditch Richard and find another manager New Manager: Let's not bother with the corporate office, they will tell me to do it.
Me: Richard:

Mission Accomplished

************ Note to self ***********

Call Corporate office to tell Walgreens not to hire managers who don't know the difference between a purchase and transaction

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