Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stockpile Photos

I thought you might like to see what my new stockpile looks like after only one month of couponing.


This is our garage and the garage fridge. Our pile is spilling over onto the dryer.

It's also spilling over onto our kitchen counter. Please excuse the mess on the stove I was so thankful to get the camera to work I was just going with it.

Yes my Christmas Decor is on the kitchen counter too.

This is the extra closet that holds all of our file stuff jammed full of chips and pop.

Fridge #1
( sorry, I have no idea how to rotate this photo)

Freezer #1

Freezer #2
All this was done in 1 month!

Usually at the end of the month we only had odds and ends left now we have all this left and money leftover too.

Now you can see for yourself does couponing work?

I'm living proof.

The Cute Couponer

*** Note to Self *** clean house before taking pictures

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