Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow, Sleep, and Savings


        Too Much Snow, Too Little Sleep, Too Little Savings,

           Exhausted and bored out of my mind I finally escaped into the current ice jungle that has taken over OKC for almost a week now. I couldn't find my coupon books, which is no surprise, so all I had was the internet coupons I downloaded from Save a Lot's site. So did I save a lot?  No  ( however the front end manager seemed quite impressed with my coupons. I told her I downloaded them from her site. She seemed surprised. Can't say I am.)  Did I save a little? Yes. $11.00 and 17 miles round trip later I decided that unless Save-A- Lot has one of their coveted $5 off $20.00  coupon sales then they could save their store for themselves. No offense just nothing special.

            So, if pushing carts through ridiculous amounts of ice sound like a fun time then count me in. To Crest I did go for their annual anniversary sale. No, I still didn't have that darn coupon binder in hand but I figured what the heck I was out so why not swing by and see if anything caught my eye. I could always look and buy later. Remember, Crest refuses to print circulars, (how darn annoying), so I thought let's wing it. Never again. $65.00 and 1 1/2 hours later I officially broke every coupon rule in the book, except of course " only buy what's on sale."  I managed to maintain one rule, usually I go for two. I"m smiling here! Anyway, all sizes and shapes of noodles were on sale for .68 cents and 24 pack of pop for 4.99 and Frozen Pizzas for 2.50 and frozen veggies for .50 and you get the picture. I went without a plan. That's ok.  I still saved at least 50%.

       On a side note I haven't forgotten all that I have promised with my upcoming posts so yes lots more shopping and pictures to come.  This couponer must save on sleep I stiill have lots of shopping to do this week. In the meantime, Happy Monday and safe driving. I'm going to get some much needed zzzz's !!!!!!

                 How Cute is That!

                                     The Cute Couponer

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